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Thursday, September 26, 2013

We Are Drowning Here!

I am unhappy. This town, this county and a few others around it, have been awash of late. Not simply some rain but a lot of rain. We have, instead of sewer pipe and grates, swales. These are shallow ditches which run along the edge of the property near the road in front of the house. It has been quite full of water for some time now, this swale. There are polliwogs and guppies swimming about. I expect there will be a glut of frogs around here in the near future.

But that swale eco-system is not really what bothers me. I can pretty much ignore it. What really bugs me is what the rain is doing to golf courses in the area.  Like farms, rain is both a boon and disaster for golf courses. Too little water and grass dies. Too much water and it seems to drown. Too much rain causes problems for the greens, promotes fungi, and leaves us with soggy fairways.

The course I play at a couple of times a week has had to close the front nine for the last two weeks. Playing the back nine twice is not quite the same as a regular 18 holes. It's frustrating to play a hole twice and get very different scores each time.

Back in the 50's and early 60's, we blamed all the weird weather on H-bomb tests. Now, we blame global warming. But weather is always weird. And why do we blame the weatherman? I am reasonably sure the weatherman doesn't make it rain  or cause droughts but we sure take it on him, don't we?

In any case, our lakes are full to the brim (and some are overflowing). And it doesn't look like it will let up anytime soon.


Pearl said...

A swale, you say. :-) Well, I never.

There's always so much weather, isn't there? :-) Winter is on its way to Minneapolis... The Farmer's Almanac predicts average snow and below-average temps. :-) I can't wait.


Douglas said...

When I was young and living "up nawth", each summer I pined for fall and winter and each winter I pined for spring and summer. After moving to Florida, I realized how silly that was.