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The Random Comic Strip

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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Another Year, Shot

I looked around in the vain hope that I could find something of interest for you folks but I am tapped out. I no longer look forward to another year, I might never have before either, because I know it will be full of all those things that have happened in years past. More wars, more pleas for peace, more crime, more misspellings, more insipid posts that inspire no one, least of all... me; the grapefruit tree I grew from a seed waiting patiently to die from lack of rain or care by me.

We've been invited to a party tonight. We might go, we are the youngest couple in our circle, it is simultaneously cheering and depressing to see our not too distant future. Who knows? Phil's oxygen tank might blow up and there could be some excitement.

Have a Happier New Year!



Tom Sightings said...

I identify with your cartoon -- we'll be zzzz'ing before 11 p.m. My only accomplishment in 2013? I broke 80 exactly once. Here's to a better 2014 ... and Happy New Year to you!

Douglas said...

Funny thing about golf... When I have a good game, I can't seem to remember any hole at all. Just dull and boring, the exciting ones all end up in three figures. Congrats on breaking 80, whippersnapper!