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The Random Comic Strip

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Monday, December 30, 2013

New years and Resolutions

There is a series of ads run by AT&T of late using children and an out of place adult. They are... "cute"... and the children adorable, as children generally are. After all, if they weren't, we'd likely murder them soon after birth. They are a chore to raise, causing misery and heartache throughout our lives. The latest one involves a boy's mangling, slightly, of the word "resolution", calling it "revolution." It all turns out okay, course, because, as I said, we do not murder them. And the boy's "revolution" is to eat more jelly beans in the coming year. Something that I should do too, perhaps.

Of course, it got me to musing on New Year's resolutions... which I eschew. I would just break them anyway so I long ago stopped making them. Probably around age 6 or so, when my cynicism shoved aside all optimism and gloom became the brightest feature of my personality.

The only reason I can see for making resolutions is to either be hopeful for the future and to revel in their breaking. Neither appeals to me.


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