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Monday, December 2, 2013

I Just Don't Get It, I Suppose

As I mentioned a few days ago, I bought a new car. Since then, a number of people have congratulated me on my purchase. Granted, most of these were working for the dealership but they weren't the only ones. A number of friends and acquaintances have also offered congratulations.

Why is that? After all, all I did was drop by a car dealership, take a couple of test drives (to compare vehicles), and haggle a bit over price and trade-in value. It wasn't like I spent hours or days chasing down an antelope armed with a spear or bow and arrow. I faced no physical danger or privation in the process to bring back to the cave meat for the tribe. Instead, I accepted a deal offered while sipping some coffee inside an air conditioned office. And bought a product that was immediately worth thousands less than I paid.

But I did get that new car smell... along with a small enough cargo space that I had to fold down part of the back seat to make room for my golf clubs.


Anonymous said...

Well, you posted the purchase as a mistake. When I traded in my SUV for a Focus, I too thought I was making a mistake. especially since I lost about $5K on the trade in. But the loss was quickly obliterated once I started saving money on gas vs what I would have paid with the SUV. So, my concern was moot.
I eventually realized that buying a Focus was the best financial decision I had made in a long time. I've recommended this purchase to others and it worked out great for them also.
Buying a car today (I am certain you paid cash, as also I have) is no easy feat. You are to be congratulated. It's a sign of successful financial planing. You also chose a make and model that is, in my opinion, genius. Ford was the only car mfg that didn't take a govt handout and managed to become the most successful car company in the world. It's a 100% American success story. And you helped keep them that way.
There are many, many reasons why you should be congratulated on your car purchase. I know many, many people today who are not financially able to purchase a new vehicle, let alone even keep up with repairs and maintenance on what they already own.

Douglas said...

And you missed the point of this post. I traded in a working vehicle that, apart from getting lousy mileage in town (28-30MPG on the road but only 14 around town), was a joy to own and drive. In its place, I got a smaller trunk area, a smaller gas tank, harder ride, and better mileage. I am getting (allegedly) about 25 MPG around town in the Focus. That's 11 MPG better than the old car. At that rate, it shouldn't take me more than 4 years to justify the price. On the other hand, I am ready for the E85 gas when that becomes mandatory.
No, I do not think congratulations are in order. I think it is a purchase that required very little effort or risk on my part. I congratulate people when they have accomplished something, not when they buy something. Think about it, when was the last time you congratulated someone for buying a refrigerator?

Joanne Noragon said...

C'mon. Just say Thank You and enjoy the ride. Figuratively, as well as literally. Nice car. Congratulations.

Douglas said...

But, Joanne, how could I be the happy curmudgeon I am if I was so polite as to do that? And what, pray tell, would I have left to muse about? Finally, read the title of the post.

Anonymous said...

um, Douglas, have you seen the prices of refrigerators lately? if my 20 cu ft dies, I have to cough up boucoup bucks.
you can set the odometer to give you a constant read of what your mpg is. mine is 36 around town and 41 on the highway. I have a '08 Focus.

you're right. you accomplished nothing. all you did was buy something. a feat becoming more and more difficult for most people.

Douglas said...

Yes, M, I have seen the prices (having to replace one the day before a 4 day vacation). Oddly, no one congratulated me on my purchase... thereby making my point quite nicely. Read the title to the piece... and the title of this blog... I am merely musing on the incongruity of congratulations for a purchase. And my puzzlement about its acceptance in our culture.