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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

I Haven't Quite Figured It Out Yet

I am in that period of ownership where you are starting to like the car but are still unfamiliar with it. For instance, I decided I would fill up the new car yesterday. For two reasons: 1, because I was down to about a third of a tank and 2, because I wanted to see how far off the estimated average MPG display was. You do know that these displays are not accurate and tend to exaggerate your mileage, don't you?

As expected, the calculated actually mileage is about 1.9 less than the car's computation. But then I realized I did not know how to reset the numbers: the trip odometer and so on.  The manual showed me how to do that but, of course, I didn't do it until after I was at home so it will remain somewhat skewed. This was much easier in the Lucerne; quite user friendly.  The other problem I realized was that I was still thinking like I was in the Lucerne. As I began the process of purchasing gas, I got to the "Ready to "pump" stage when it dawned on me that the fuel port was on the other side of the car and, looking at it, also realized that the hose was too short to get there from the pump. In case you were unaware, GM vehicles have the fuel port on the left side while Ford vehicles have it on the right side. So I cancelled the transaction at the pump and drove around to a pump that was on the right of the car. Then I learned that cancelling a transaction gets my card blocked for 24 hours. Forgetting that I had another card I could use, I obediently went inside to "See Cashier" as the pump display said; gave him enough cash to cover the purchase and went back to pump the gas... then had to go back inside to get my change. Not exactly convenient (a little "old school") but it got the job done.

Now I still have to sort out the display controls so that I can get things smoothed out the way I would like them. It's all part of the learning curve.


Tom Sightings said...

Hmmm, never knew that -- GM on driver's side; Ford on passenger side. Of course, I drive a Honda, so that doesn't do me any good ... but I'm thinking just possibly GM next time around.

Glad to hear I inspired a post. We all need ideas. But just so you know, I planned to supplement my retirement income with my winnings on the golf course. . . which is why I'm now back to work part time.

Douglas said...

It's (the gas port thing) is just an observation over the years. Irks me, it does. Why can't they put that port on the same side of all vehicles, regardless of who makes them? There is no real advantage in placing it on either side.

But you fell into retirement unexpectedly. I sought it out, wanted it, felt it was my "due." And, yet, I was not as financially prepared as I should have been. Looking back, I realize my mistakes in that area... hindsight, they say, is 20/20.