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The Random Comic Strip

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Friday, December 27, 2013

Well, Christmas New is Christmas Past, Once Again

When I was a child, Christmas seemed so long in coming and passed so quickly. It was difficult not to be at least a little disappointed. Having an older brother and sister, I didn't get to enjoy a belief in Santa. I had to wait until my son was at that age when magic was real and the world was full of it. We try so very hard to preserve that in our children, even knowing they must face the inevitable day but wishing in vain that it never come. Of course, there came a day  when he lost touch with that magic too. When he finally asked those questions which revealed the secret with their mundane answers. And brought him onto the road to adulthood.

It is such a delicate dance, that balancing act between a child's joy and eventual knowledge.

And now... on to the New Year and the promise of Hope and Optimism.

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