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Saturday, December 21, 2013

My Christmas Gift

I originally intended to post something about Christmas from my view. But that wouldn't be all that interesting and it would be painfully short. I'll just say Christmas is a wonderful time of year and I hope everyone is enjoying the Holiday Season.

My "gift" to you this year is a libertarian website. I came across this site quite by accident. It was a link from someone else's blog that took me there. Here is the explanation of the website in its own words. I am not (I keep telling myself) a libertarian. They are obviously a bunch of isolationist wackos who want to do away with the federal government. Except they aren't. It seems we, all too often, draw conclusions from what others tell us. That's understandable. None of us can know everything (except that guy or gal in the office nobody likes and who is never invited to lunch with the group) so we ask advice, we sign up with Angie's List, and read possibly untrustworthy reviews.

I do, anyway... Except that part about signing up on Angie's List.  Still, I hope my recommendation of the Mises website isn't completely ignored.

Now, get that Christmas shopping done! The economy need you!


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