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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

An Icon Died,

Tony Gwynn, 8-Time National League Batting Champion, Is Dead at 54

When I was growing up, ballplayers no longer came from the towns they represented. It got worse... they chase the Big Bucks and go wherever the pay is highest.

But, at one point, that was the norm; players grew up either in the town or nearby. Something changed over time. Not all ballplayers grew up and joined teams in their city (Babe Ruth was born in Baltimore and played minor league for them before being traded to Boston and then to New York) but many did.

Tony Gwynn was born in San Diego, grew up there, and played for the San Diego Padres his entire career. So why was he an icon? Because he didn't want to play anywhere else. I am sure he got offers and I am sure a number of teams wanted him in a trade but he stayed put. He refused free agency in favor of multi-year contracts. After retiring from his baseball career, he went into coaching and spent ten years coaching baseball at San Diego State (his alma mater).

They do not make guys like this anymore, it seems.

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