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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

How's Your Weather?

For I have the warmth of the sun
(Warmth of the sun)
Within me at night
(Within me at night)

So sang the Beach Boys back when I was a surfer dude. But, of late, it has taken on a different meaning: one of doom and gloom. 

I was reading some article somewhere and the comments after it and I saw mention of Republicans as "deniers" of global warming. Since I am not a believer in letting things lie, I decided to see if I could find the names of these Republicans who are, apparently, denying global warming. I Googled "Republicans who deny global warming" in the hopes of getting some names.  I didn't. Get any names, that is. What I got was accusations that the Republican Party was full of these deniers. But none were named. I also found these unnamed Republicans were also being called "flat-earthers."

In other words... putting it simply... I am denying that any Republican has been quoted as denying Global Warming. Perhaps, like me, many of them are skeptical that man is the cause of global warming and, perhaps, they are skeptical that any of the schemes to combat it will be either successful or not harmful to the economy.

I am, of course, a confessed skeptic and cynic. And I vote accordingly. I find it odd that those who once distrusted all authority figures (and "anyone over thirty") seem to have no trouble accepting the concept of man-made global warming. I think my brother believes in it but he is also a "911 Truther" and thinks George Bush was behind the attacks. He doesn't, however, believe that Obama was born in Kenya... after all, he voted for him twice. Quite the accomplishment since he is also a bigot who neither likes, nor trusts, black people (and Cubans and Puerto Ricans and Mexicans and American Indians and anyone who does not have white skin or speaks a foreign language).

Besides, I am more worried about an asteroid destroying most, if not all, life on Earth.


Anonymous said...

Douglas said...

So, I went to the link and (no surprise) found absolutely NO quoted sentence, phrase, or other statement that showed proof that Rubio (or anyone else in the GOP) that reflects a disbelief in Global Warming.