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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Top Forty

I am no doctor. Nor am I a lawyer. This means I have no qualifications to comment on the Casey Kasem saga. And it is a saga. And I will comment... , I can still have an opinion or two about anything at all. I am a blogger, after all, and there's nothing stopping me. However, take everything I say with a large grain of salt and form your own opinions on the matter.

Casey's wife, a rather large blonde bombshell when they married (quite possibly much larger now), and his children from his first marriage are in a battle over his care and custody. Casey is in poor health at age 82 and cannot even speak. A sad situation for a man who made a career out of his voice. He may not be able to communicate his wishes at all. I assume that is true because this battle would not be happening if he could. Perhaps there are other reasons, if he can communicate in some way, that he is not being asked. Perhaps there are questions of competence. I do not know.

What I will speculate on is what the battle is all about: money. He is allegedly worth around $80 million. Whoever  controls Casey, controls that wealth.

That sounds crass, and maybe it is, but that is
what I believe this is about.

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