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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Swapping Lies?

This is obviously about the swap of Bowe Bergdahl for five high-value Taliban prisoners at Gitmo (the affectionate term for the prisoner housing in Guantanamo, Cuba). If you have had your fill of punditry on the subject, this would be a good time to leave this page or read something else.

Everyone, it seems, is having his/her say on the matter and there is no reason I shouldn't toss in my two cents worth. Talk is cheap... maybe that's where the "two cents" comes from... or maybe it's because an opinion is worth double what thoughts are  worth. Either way, I have some things to say...

Obviously, we wanted this guy back. Not just because we don't want to leave our soldiers behind but also because people held captive by the enemy can sometimes have valuable intel about the enemy's command and control structure and procedures/processes without realizing it. I have no doubt that gleaning this intel from Bergdahl's statements on his capture and internment with these Taliban "soldiers" is part of the process that is underway.

Right now, however, we (you and I and the general public) have no idea what he went through, what he did or did not do, and what intel he might have given the Taliban during captivity. Nor do I think we will ever know. By "given the Taliban", do not think I believe he gave any information willfully. He wouldn't have to. I am assuming these terrorists know how to "read between the lines" when interrogating their prisoners... just as our people do when interrogating whatever prisoners we have.

All we have right now are rumors and bits and pieces of possible events and snippets of information that may be inaccurate and out of context.

Just be glad you do not have to go through any of it.