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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

In Defense Of Small Cars

Let me preface this by saying I like my little Focus, really.  It is getting excellent mileage in town (averaging 24.5 MPG driving within a 10 mile radius) which is the primary reason I bought it; for the economic advantages. I got tired of the 14 MPG I was getting with my Lucerne.

What I miss about the Lucerne is the remote start feature, the "set it and forget it" AC, the rain-sensor windshield wipers, and the ride. Part of the ride issue is that the Focus has small tires that are filled at (to me) a high pressure. I can probably find a way to lower pressure and improve the ride a little while maintaining the viability of the Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS). Or not. I can live with the stiff ride if I cannot. I can live without remote start (though I could probably add that via a third party system) but I will continue to miss the AC system and the rain-sensor windshield wipers.

The AC bugs me because it seems either too cold or too hot whereas, in the Lucerne, I simply set the temperature I wanted and left it alone. The remote start would usually cool off the interior by the time I crossed the parking lot. When starting up, the AC kicked in recirculation of air and ratcheted up the fan speed to maximum. That would not happen with the Focus; even with remote start, I would have to remember to set the AC to "max" and set the fan speed to "4" before leaving the car. I suspect I wouldn't do that most of the time.

I can tolerate the ride because most of the cars I have owned as an adult have been small cars.

When I first met Faye she owned a Chevy Caprice Classic while I owned a Honda Civic. One of the small ones built in the late 70's. Her Chevy dwarfed my little car and I was uncomfortable driving it. It wasn't nimble and it handled like a large barge. But it was roomy and comfortable.

I am torn again, however, between nimble and uncomfortable and comfort and convenience.

We are never happy, are we?

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