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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Bearing In Mind

I see a lot of things on the golf courses I play. Many animals, for instance. Otters,  Foxes, wild pigs, alligators, and lots and lots of squirrels. Also all sorts of birds: Egrets, Sandhill Cranes, ducks, woodpeckers, cardinals, Florida redbirds (very similar to cardinals) and many I could not name if I wanted to.

But, yesterday, I saw an animal I hadn't see outside a zoo... a black bear. A big one. 400-500 pounds. As we were playing, I noticed a police car with his flashing lights sitting on a street in front of some houses that bordered the 8th hole. Then we heard his loudspeaker exhorting us to leave the course. There really was nowhere to go... Then we saw the bear, padding along on the back lawns of those houses. he passed us about 40 yards away then turned and crossed the fairway behind us, maybe about 50-75 yards back from the green we were approaching.

Florida is an interesting place.


Tom Sightings said...

And people think skydiving is dangerous ... they should set foot on a golf course!

Douglas said...

Know what was weird, Tom? The bear looked almost happy.