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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Father figures

I got a periodical from AARP today. I am beginning to notice something. There are ads for insurance; life, health, auto & motorcycle. A lot of ads. I especially like the auto insurance ads which claim savings of $300 or more if I switch from my current company. Some of them are from my current company. I find it fascinating that each of them claims they can save that much. They can't all save that kind of money, can they?

The other ads I noticed are for security and emergency response systems and for increased sexual performance. Apparently, we seniors are a randy lot who need to have the safety and security of a call button.

All those years of my youth avoiding even the contemplation of getting old and wrinkled and never a thought to sex over 50. Ok, even over 40. Little did I know...

I am beginning to think I have underestimated the human capacity for ignoring dignity in the face of momentary pleasure. And the foolishness of old men.

We ogle women young enough to be our granddaughters. Shamelessly. I used to laugh when I heard stories of my paternal grandfather flirting with the young female cashiers at the local supermarkets. He didn't stand a chance, of course, but I don't think he cared. He felt he was "still in the game."

It is a game, isn't it?


Sightings said...

Isn't that one of the (few) benefits of old age -- that you don't care anymore if people laugh at you?

Douglas4517 said...

There are benefits to old age????