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Saturday, May 21, 2011

It's the Apocalypse!

I can't be bothered with petty tripe like political discourse today. No, today is the Beginning of the End. Today, according to Evangelist Harold Camping, is the start of the Apocalypse. Today, at 6 PM EDT, the Rapture will occur and all true believers will be snatched up to be re-united with God. A lot of people are reporting this (tongue in cheek, of course) as the End of the World but it is just the beginning of that end. This is to be Judgement Day. It will be another 5 months until the world goes *poof*.

I won't be going. Even if he is correct... and there have been a long line of people unsuccessfully predicting when this day would come... I won't be going. Obviously. I doubt many atheists will be taking that particular journey. But neither will most of my believing friends. You never know though, do you?

I can't blame Camping for thinking he might be right. After all, look at the crazy world around us. Wars and rumors of wars. I was never quite sure what that meant. I suppose it made some sense in days when there was no mass communication and the only way you got news of events outside (and maybe even inside) of your community was through word of mouth from travelers. They might bring news of war from somewhere else. And it might be true or it might be false. You wouldn't know for sure until the hordes descended upon you. So "wars and rumors of wars" makes some sense that way. Today, I suppose, that kind of news would be Twittered (or is it Tweeted?). By the way, is someone on Twitter a Twit? Just asking...

I am fully prepared, of course, for the Beginning of the End. I have plenty of oatmeal raisin cookies. No point in actually stocking up on food and medical supplies. All you will do is prolong the inevitable. I suppose the final End will be quite spectacular and it might be interesting to be there when it happens but for what purpose? I mean, you aren't going to be able to tell your grandchildren about it. Unless you are among the saved and so are your grandchildren. And, if you and they are, none of you will be on the planet at the moment anyway. Still, I am prepared. I read all of the Left Behind books.

Human beings are fascinating creatures. As far as I can tell, we are the only creatures who can conceive of our total destruction. I doubt the so-called "lower" animals have this capacity for pessimism. They seem to view things on a more personal level. Which brings to mind the question of their salvation. Animals are unaware of the existence of God. Alright, I am assuming that. I have no way of knowing its true. However, other than the stories of the Flood, animals seem unable to gather together and get along. I have never seen a cornered animal pray either. Or maybe I wouldn't recognize their method of praying. In any event, they seem to be ignored in all this Judgement Day stuff. No, it looks like all animals will get Left Behind and, eventually, perish with the Earth. And the rest of us non-True Believers.

I guess we'll find out at 6 PM which religious sects got it right, eh?

Hmmmmm.... maybe its true... it might explain why Blogger is having trouble publishing this post.


The Jules said...

I'm quite excited, cos I'm going to be Heaven's Official Atheist when I get saved.

Douglas4517 said...

Drat! It looks like it won't be happening. I thought it was to be at 6 PM
EDT but it turns out that it was supposed to happen at 6 PM in each time
zone. That would mean that New Zealand was supposed to be first and no one
Ratz! And I had such high hopes too.


MArk Cowell said...

The last week has just been a pain in the ass with grandchildren getting sick, unexpected guests arriving, plumbing blowing up...Frankly I was rather disappointed this morning to find that we were all still here.