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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Why am I always hungry?

Whenever I sit here at the computer for any length of time (say, 15 minutes or so) or in in front of the TV for a similar length of time or and am just relatively idle for any amount of time, I get an urge. An urge to snack. I either inherited this or was conditioned for it by my parents... mostly my mother.

My mother used to make a tuna and macaroni salad on Sundays. She would make a huge bowl, possibly a 3 gallon one, full of this delight. And then she would sit there, for hours, after we had finished eating our Sunday dinner reading the Sunday paper and picking small forkfuls of the salad until the bowl was empty.

She also carried pieces of candy with her constantly. She claimed to suffer from hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) and ate the candy as a "boost" from time to time. She also made fudge, bought cookies (she never baked them), and taught all of us kids to make "rock" candy. Did I mention she had an issue with losing weight?

So let me get to the point. If there is one. I snack. Regularly. But I have grown impatient with making snacks and want instant gratification. A hot dog, frozen and placed with 7 other hotdogs in a Zip-Loc Freezer Bag can be cooked in 1 to 2 minutes (1 minute on high or 2 minutes on 3) and wrapped in a piece of bread to make a quick snack and is a quick choice but nothing beats peanut butter. It is ready in seconds, not minutes, it is tasty on its own but one can ad condiments. For example:

Here we have two pieces of bread upon which I have smeared a generous amount of creamy peanut butter.

In this picture, I have added my favorite "go with"... Craisins. If you do not know what Craisins are, you are living a dull and boring life, my friend. Craisins are what cranberries should be.
And they do not have that "oozing" so characteristic of Jelly and Jams.

And here I have folded the bread over ever so gently in order to make a snack easily held in one hand while I maneuver a mouse or type with just two fingers of the other hand. Sometimes I have to creatively use my elbow to perform the Shift function.

Add a glass of cold Arizona Green Iced Tea (with Lemon, Ginseng, and Honey) and you have the perfect answer to that random, yet oddly persistent, abdominal pang. An answer that requires no culinary skills and has minimal cleanup consequences.


Sightings said...

Mmmmm, looks good. Perhaps you missed your calling. You should be on the food channel!

Douglas4517 said...


Patti said...

Hey Douglas,

I was out of town and just catching up. Made your PB&C for breakfast just now and it was pretty tasty. I lightly toasted my bread though! I thought about this recipe I had and thought you might like it. I used Craisins instead of cranberries. Omitted the leeks since I didn't have them on hand. It was really good and easy. Does your Publix have the Apron's kiosk? They do have good recipes!


Douglas4517 said...

As a matter of fact, Patti, it does. My sister-in-law is one of the cooks.
We tried making oatmeal Craisin cookies a couple of times. Didn't turn out
well... but that was because of the oatmeal cookie part, we just couldn't
get that the way we wanted. The Craisins went well with the cookie, though.