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Saturday, May 7, 2011

First your knee, then your...

I'm obviously jinxed. Unlucky. Living under a black cloud.

I play golf. It's a fairly safe game, as sports go. A blister or two is the worst that's likely to happen to you on a golf course. Well, there are those stray balls that might land in your area now and then. They usually miss. Usually.

I was standing almost in the rough on the left side of the fairway. Hole 15, it was, at Golf Hammock Country Club. The other two players of our foursome were on the other side of the fairway and maybe 20 yards back. Reasonably safe. I thought. Until Pete's shanked "worm burner" slammed into my right heel.

There was no time for a warning. To be frank, it wouldn't have done much good since the natural reaction would be to duck, not sidestep. Pete was, of course, mortified and apologetic. He didn't do it on purpose. It was just an accident, after all. I'm pretty sure of that. Pete's not that accurate.

Fortunately, we only had two holes to go and the pain subsided quite a bit within a few minutes. And now I am happily settled on the living room sofa with my feet up watching old westerns on Turner Classic Movies.

What a nice day...


Kevin Shea said...

Ouch. Maybe the word should be "Jump!"

BTW, "wormburner" is a great term for that. Kind of like "lawnmower" in soccer :)

paul said...

First of all Doug we all know there is no safe place on a golf course but I do feel your pain OUCH. Second, we said 'wormburner' up north but I was told it's 'snake skimmer' in Florida

Douglas4517 said...

You know, "jump!" might have worked.

There are other, less polite, words and phrases for that kind of shot.

Douglas4517 said...

"skimmer"? That isn't the word I have heard used.