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The Random Comic Strip

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Tuesday, January 29, 2013


I am confused.  I have always been this way, I suppose. Born into the chaotic world of human beings, it's hard not to be. So much to learn: talking, sitting up, walking, running... all within a few short years. And then there was sharing and playing well with others (I still haven't got those right), swimming, various games (called "sports"), when to speak and when not to (another pair I still have trouble with), and so on.

I barely survived childhood and figuring out school when I enlisted in the Navy. Much more to learn and not a lot of time in which to do it. I had only 4 years (three years and 11 months, to be exact, in my case). I learned enough, I suppose, to get by and not get tossed into the brig. And they let me out early. By a whole month. It wasn't because they liked me, though, I am pretty sure of that.

And then life kicked back in. A marriage, a child, and so much more to learn while teaching those skills that child would need. Not sure I did such a good job but he has turned out okay.

And here I am at 66 and still confused. Time sure flies...

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