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The Random Comic Strip

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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

There Must Be Better Things to be Doing

Faye and I are on the road once again. To Biloxi... as usual. Faye likes to gamble and I like to remind myself that I do not. I also like to confirm to myself that there are people driving cars that simply shouldn't be.

Have you noticed that some big rig truckers like to try to pass another big rig on the upslope of a hill? What are these people thinking? Nothing like zipping along at 75 (in a 70 zone.... shhhh!) and finding yourself blocked by a pair of semis doing 55 and straining to get up what laughingly passes for a hill here in Florida. A rolling blockade, I call it. I also call it (and the driver of the semi trying to pass) a few other things which I will not repeat here.

Ah well...

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