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Friday, January 10, 2014

A Note From Heaven (or Wherever)

I have been made aware of a new website which provides a service that might be of interest.  None of us, it seems, ever tell our loved ones the things we want to, or should. I know I was guilty of this with my father. Of course, he was a grouchy, irascible crank and was about as close-mouthed as a man could be so I have plenty of excuses. Still, I managed to tell him a little of what he meant to me about 10 years before he died.

Every compliment from him, I got second-hand. Either through my grandmother or my mother. Either, or both, of whom might have lied to make me feel good. Yeah, I have self-esteem issues.

Still, I am sure you have things you want to pass on to your children; things you've never told them... your dreams, your hopes, your pride in them.

I am not endorsing this site, nor am I suggesting you sign up, I just offer it as a consideration if the idea suits you.

Here's the site:

You might even just leave a note saying "I told you so!"

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