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The Random Comic Strip

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Monday, January 6, 2014


This being Monday, Faye and I each have our chores; she goes to the supermarket and I go play golf. This is a good division of chores. As I see it, of course. I hate grocery shopping and, therefore,  I do not do it well. I would buy things we already have, get too much, and get upset by the cost of it all. It is, believe me, much better that Faye does it.

I don't play golf all that well either but I never overdo it and the cost (usually) doesn't bother me. Much better to keep me out of the supermarket. I would buy things like ice cream, candy, lots of cheese, and those little Jell-o cups. I have no idea what meat to buy and that alone makes me inept.

Food is Faye's forte. She knows what to buy, and she knows how to cook it. I cannot do the latter. I once did. Faye reminds me of that from time to time but mostly I took her to Denny's. Why she stuck around, I have no idea. But I am glad she did.

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