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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Radio Active?

The local radio station puts out an ad on a fairly regular basis touting radio as a good advertising investment. It actual refers to radio as "the most intimate of media." Silly me, I always thought that pornography was the most intimate of media. You can't get much more intimate than porn.

This radio station is full of inane ads. I suppose that is to be expected, it is the local "talk radio" station, after all.  Between the ads for silver and the pleas for donating your car (by a pretty whiny sounding singer) and a local sports talk show offering guests you never heard of (and some of these are actual former pro players), it's pretty entertaining. Lots of material to make fun of. 

I mean, who can't laugh at some kind yelling "Dipsy-doodle for two" and "Gators win! Gators win! Gators win!" in an advertisement for a basketball game broadcast.

On the other hand, there are ads that are pretty entertaining. You've probably heard these ads in your area, I believe the company has websites serving areas throughout the U.S. The latest ad I heard from them featured a woman  going door to door with her harp and an old guy who says he never heard of the website. He also says he is not a fan of harp music.

Personally, I kind of like harp music.

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