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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Miscellaneous Stuff

I tend to peruse. The news, that is. I am one of those people who reads the scrolling text underneath the "talking heads" on news shows. I do this for two reasons:

I am easily bored by the pretty faces and elegantly coiffed newscasters.

When I am bored, I have a choice between playing solitaire on my tablet or reading the news scroll.

But I also peruse headlines in Google News. These are fascinating at times. Let me relate some I came across yesterday...

2 teens critically injured in NM school shooting
Dozens of trade-offs in $1.1 trillion budget bill
Two Fullerton Police Officers Found Not Guilty in Death of Kelly Thomas
Smallest, faintest galaxies of the ancient universe spotted
Nasa (should be "NASA" since it is an acronym) looking for 'taxi firm' to replace Russian rockets
Private cargo ship delivers ants, gifts to space station

And, of course, this important piece of news:

Tesla reports big Q4 sales, but no SUV yet

I mean, this is what we are all waiting for, isn't it? An all electric SUV?  Considering the model S sedan starts at just under $70,000, I figure an SUV should come in under $90,000.... to start. And we all have that laying around in disposable income, don't we? I hear this all the time on the golf course... "I'd love to buy a Tesla but they don't make an SUV."

I'm a little shy myself but I could take out one of those Reverse Mortgages, I suppose.

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