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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The Hand (and Fingers) of God

So, now we have a picture of "The Hand Of God"...

... just in case you were wondering what it might look like. I am sure you were. Wondering that is. My question would be: does it have fingerprints? Fingerprints, it turns out, have a dual purpose... the second purpose being one of identification. The first is improvement of tactile sensitivity. I learned the latter recently from watching a "Futurescape" episode on the Science Channel. But I had wondered about tactile sensation for many, many years.

When I was quite young, I noticed that a light touch caused a pleasurable feeling. Not just in the skin I touched but in my fingertips. I recall experimenting with this. My mother (like all mothers, I suppose) got a kick out of tickling me. I, of course, acted like I didn't want to be tickled. I did, though. As we all do, I think, especially when we are small children. It made us giggle. We humans like to giggle. We like to laugh also. And a giggle is the foreplay of laughter.

Anyway, try this...

As lightly as you can, stroke (with just your fingertips), the skin on the "inside" of your forearm. Try to make it so light that it can barely be felt. To me, that is the most pleasurable of feelings that can be felt and still be G-rated.


Tom Sightings said...

I beg to differ on the tickling. I used to hate, hate, hate it when my older brother tickled me as a child. To me, it's a power thing. He was bullying me. (Of course, I might have deserved it, since I used to tease and annoy him endlessly, but that didn't make tickling any more fun.)

As for light touching, you are so right. But rather than do it myself I'd rather have B do the stroking.

Douglas said...

Tom, a young lady taught me that it is much better if someone else does it. Did you notice that hand appears to have only three fingers?