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Monday, January 13, 2014

Award For The Silliest Article...

...goes to Discovery for this beaut:

Searching for Time Travelers Probably a Waste of Time

In it, the author writes of a study (probably paid for with a government grant) by an astrophysicist and a grad student assistant into the possibility of time travelers.

Aside from the fact that time travel seems impossible, physically and theoretically, the article hints at a possible reason why the study came up empty: Few, if any, in the future consider this period of time of any great interest. I have other theories... All those "doom and gloom" scenarios from Al Gore and others turned out to be true and there is no one there in the future to travel back to tell us. Or, possibly, the world fell into a huge economic downturn (worse even than the one we are allegedly recovering from) and there are no funds to develop time travel... Or, when the seas rose, we all drowned. Or baked to death... or froze to death...

Whatever... If I could travel through time (and who says I cannot?), I would choose some period of great interest. What that might be, I have no idea. But it certainly isn't the last few years.

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