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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Playing Well With Others

Is something I have rarely been accused of. However, this past Saturday, I played a round of golf with Tom(of Sightings Over Sixty, a fine blog full of insights and good writing) and a couple of locals I consider friends; Billy (aka Captain Billy) and Joe.

Tom stopped off on his way up to Orlando to join us for our 11:30 tee time at a place called Harder Hall Country Club. It doesn't resemble anything you might envision as a Country Club. It's basically a small golf course with a pro shop and a bar & grill. Nothing fancy. Its current claim to fame (it once hosted a PGA/LPGA event) is an amateur championship for college women. Since that was a couple of weeks ago, I thought the course would be in fairly good shape. The price was low by most standards, even for this area at this time of year.

The weather was cool but not uncomfortable. I think we all enjoyed ourselves. Tom and Billy shot the best scores with Joe close behind and myself trailing well back (so perhaps I don't play well with others).

Perhaps Tom will stop by the next time he comes to Florida and we can make this an annual tournament.

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