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Thursday, January 23, 2014

In The Idiotic Prosecutions Department...

...We have the following:

D.C. man on trial for one shotgun shell

What do you think about gun ownership? Do you see gun owners as paranoid mouth-breathers who see themselves as warriors ready to rise against an oppressive government? Or perhaps as Bambi killers? Or maybe people afraid of their own shadow and who think that a gun will somehow magically save them and never harm a family member? Or maybe you think of them as your neighbors and friends, even family members... just regular folks.

Read the story. Maybe you will ask yourself, as I did, how this guy got on the D.C. Police's radar in the first place. The answer is found in this excerpt from the story:

The Metropolitan Police Department raided Mr. Witaschek’s rented Georgetown house twice in the summer of 2012 on the word of his angry ex-wife.

Mr. Witaschek appears to know the law in D.C., he keeps his hunting weapons at his sister's house in Virginia so that he doesn't break the laws of that fair city. Yet, apparently he did. With an inoperable shotgun shell. That's right, a shotgun shell that cannot be fired from any shotgun is what so offended the D.C. prosecutor's office that they have spent about 18 months trying to imprison him over it.

Personally, I think they are giving those paranoid mouth-breathers support for their fantasies.

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Steven said...

Absolutely insane.