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Friday, September 9, 2011


I would say "TGIF!" but I am retired and Fridays don't mean much to me anymore. Not that they ever did. Most of my working life, I have had jobs which required me to work on Saturdays (and Sundays) at times. As a paperboy, I had to be there every day, 7 days a week. Then later, as an usher, weekends were when I was needed. Same for my bellboy job and my busboy job.

Obviously, the Navy didn't much care about weekends either. Especially at sea. The military job is really 24/7/365. When I hired on at the phone company, I found myself working at least 1 weekend out of 4 and during some periods, 1 out of 2.

But now I am retired. I am finally doing what I was born to do: nothing. Some might say the only thing I do well.

And what am I doing on this fine Friday? Why, driving to Biloxi, of course. As I explained yesterday, Faye and I are on our way to Biloxi; she, to do some gambling and me to... well, try not to get between her a slot machine. It's just not safe.

The reason we are still on the road is because Faye decided we shouldn't have to get up too early and drive till we're exhausted (for some reason, she gets really exhausted just riding in the car while I drive) so we should take two days to get there.

I must admit, taking our time has its advantages. I do arrive less tuckered out and less tense. Not that it matters all that much. I won't play golf until Saturday morning and I won't do much gambling (if any) before going to sleep tonight.

But, when you get right down to it (and I am sure husbands everywhere will agree), it is best to keep the wife happy and let her call the shots.


pearlvz said...

I LOVE road trips.  Taking two days to drive to Biloxi -- a part of the country I've never seen -- sounds like fun to me!


Douglas4517 said...

Say... weren't you just in Destin not too long ago? Shorter trip from there, make in less than 7 hours even on the regular highways.

pearlvz said...

I was in Bradenton Beach, FL, where I have a friend with a little house on, well, the beach.  :-)  Swam next to a manatee, unwittingly.  Thought I'd soil myself...