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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Another trip...

As you read this, I am on my way to Biloxi, MS... again. This trip, like all the others to that city, is all about Faye. To be more precise, it's about Faye's gambling urges. She's not a gambling addict, she maintains control and keeps to her limit, but she does like to gamble. As I have said before, gambling bores me. But Faye doesn't so I indulge her in these things. I don't even like to gamble on golf though that puts me in a distinct minority among my golfing crowd.

I will take advantage of this trip to play a little golf. After all, I only get to play 4 days a week at home. I will try to play a couple of times over our 4 day weekend and try a course I have not yet played.

The weather looks to be good, Tropical Storm Lee has moved on, Hurricane Katia isn't threatening the U.S. anymore and the next one is weeks away. I might even rent a a Hobie Cat and do a little sailing if the rates aren't outrageous. I am a little apprehensive about that as I might get hooked on them again and plot to buy one for use on any of the many lakes in my little area of Paradise.

Speaking of getting re-hooked... Capt. Billy (one of my golf buddies) bought a new motorcycle and I got a look at it the other day; a 2002 Harley Ultra Classic. And I had to sit on it and then he had to punch the starter which, of course, resulted in that wonderful rumble of a powerful engine. All of which took me back to my biker days and made me mentally salivate for my own bike. All of which triggered plans to buy the lot behind my house so I could put up a garage to house a bike I have not yet bought.

...And take that ride across country I have always dreamed of doing on it.

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