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Sunday, September 11, 2011

A day upon which to reflect

You may think ill of George W. Bush. You may think he "lied and people died". You may think he caused the fiscal problems that we are going through today. To do that, you would have to place much more power into the hands of a president than actually exists. There are a number of things I wish Bush had not done, there are also many things I wish he had done.

But I do not subscribe to the belief that he knew about the coming attack or did anything less (or more) than any other man might have done in the years following 9-11-2001. My brother does. He is a "9-11 Truther", he believes that it was an "inside job." He actually believes that a president would be part of a plan to murder thousands (potentially tens of thousands) in order to enhance his political power or to create an excuse to invade Iraq.

While there have been men in the world who would do such a thing (and, indeed, have done: Hitler, Pol Pot, Mao Zedong, Stalin, and a few others), it is something I could not comprehend in anyone who could ascend to the leadership of the most important nation on the planet.

But believe what you will. Just remember millions idolized (and many still do) the men I mentioned parenthetically as they climbed the ladder to power. Not because those men were humble and self-effacing but because they were forceful and were seen to have answers to a nation's troubles. Say what you will about Bush, he was never seen that way.

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Sightings said...

There will always be the conspiracy theorists among us -- from people who believe LBJ killed Kennedy, to those who think the moon landing was a hoax and the CIA tried to assassinate Castro ... oh wait, the CIA DID try to assassinate Castro. Er, still, I don't believe for an instant that 9/11 was an "inside job." In fact, I thought it was nice to see Obama and Bush together this morning at the ceremony, as well as a bipartisan mixture of other politicians who came to commemmorate the event. Too bad they can only get along when there's a tragedy.

Douglas4517 said...

Well, we all know it was Nixon, the moon landing would have been more believable today, and if only Castro had tried to smoke one of those cigars...

Politicians only pretend to get along during tragedies, the rest of the time they pretend like they don't get along. Yeah, you read that right.