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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Hats and sweat. Hey! It's August

I don't have anything today. Nothing is bothering me (very much anyway), nothing interesting has happened to me of late, and I haven't paid much attention to the world around me in the past several days.

It's the "Dog Days" of summer, those overly hot and humid (sweaty) days in August that just drain one's soul, that are to blame. The "Dog Days" are especially bad down here in Paradise because the humidity, which is high most of the year, reaches saturation point about this time. I do not wear hats much (in spite of my "thumbnail" photo over there to your right) except when doing yard work (a rare event these days) or playing golf (a not rare event at all). The hats I wear playing golf and yard work get soaking wet where they touch the head or hair.

That is how I learned just how much salt is shed through perspiration. Whatever color the hat is, there is a sweat stain and in the sweat stain is a white, almost powdery, substance; salt. I tried putting a strip of cloth in the inside hatband to sop it up but that didn't work. After awhile of worrying about it, I just gave up. I mean, who cares really? I am not dressing to impress on a golf course and certainly not in my own yard, so what does it matter that my hat is stained and has blotches of white?

The hats are cheap, since I am, and unimportant. I have only one special hat and I never wear it. I don't like hats much but you need something to keep the sun off your ears and face so I wear what are called "bucket hats" when I am going to be outdoors in the sun for any period of time. I didn't do that when I was young. Never wore a hat growing up. Didn't wear sunglasses much, either.

Must be age.

Oh, wait... I do have something... How would you like to take a quiz? It's about things in the news and politics.

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