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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Yes, dear...

Saturday afternoon, after getting beaten at golf by my so-called friends, I was sent on an errand. I didn't want to go. I wanted to stay home and veg out. I wanted to sit in a nice comfy recliner and watch bits of golf on TV while nodding in and out of consciousness. I do that most weekends. Not always golf, though, sometimes it's football or history programs or... well, whatever captivates me in the few moments between stuffing my face with snacks and the first nodding of my head.

Oh, wait... we are going to need a replacement for "boob tube", aren't we? TV's now are flat screen or projection; they no longer use a tube... "boob tube" no longer applies. Another idiom lost to technological advances. We'll need a new derogatory term for television sets.

Where was I? Oh yeah, I was sent on an errand.

You see, when we moved in here almost 6 years ago, we bought new furniture. New couch, new beds, new dressers, new computer desks, etc. But we kept a few things from the old house: a coffee table, two end tables, the dining room table, china cabinet, and an old 50" projection TV. It was too big for the small living room so it ended up in the master bedroom. Where it was also too big but could be placed. And there it sat, rarely used, for years... just minding its own business and being mostly ignored.

Faye, my interior decorator/accountant/wife/BMOC (Big Mama On Campus), decided it was time to make a change. So a plan was devised (by her, I had no input) wherein we would replace the big projection TV with a flat screen placed on some kind of TV stand. The plan was formulated about a year ago. We bought the TV stand last week. We do not move quickly here in Paradise... or anywhere else we have lived. And gave away the big TV to some nice folks.

Now it was time to find a replacement TV to go on the new stand. I had tried to order one online. Perhaps I should tell you about that experience but it deserves its very own posting. It's full of intrigue and misdirection. And failure. Which is why I was sent off to Wally World hunt down my prey. Yes modern man, no longer being the big hunter he once was, is now reduced to intrepid shopper of Big Ticket Items.

The reality is that I was sent forth to purchase the TV that Faye liked the last time we were in Wally World*. Which I did. And which fortunately fit in the back of my car.

Upon returning home unscathed and with new TV intact, I was tasked with moving the living room TV into the bedroom and setting up the new TV in the old TV's place in the living room. A game of musical TVs, so to speak. After that was done easily enough, all I had to do is sort out the cabling, set up the new TV ( and it now had to be connected to our wireless router), program the cable remote so we didn't have to juggle remotes (man stuff all), and only then was I permitted to nap.

I have to admit it is amazing what technological advances are made in just a few years in the world of television. Just in time for old age to ruin my vision. I can see where napping in front of this new TV will be so much better.

*We have no nearby Target, Best Buy, or other large department/electronics store to compete with Wal Mart. The nearest of those being some 45 miles away. So, it's either take a chance online or go to Wal Mart.


Steven Scott said...

My last 2 TVs came from newegg, both tax-free, both super cheap, and the second time with free shipping (first time it was $100). Man I love that site...

Douglas4517 said...

I should have told the tale of AA Tech, an online store that apparently doesn't not exist, with a link back to Amazon (to pay) which shifts the vendor to "Discounts Jungle", added two more units and shipping which might not have been caught by the less intrepid...

Gerry Bossier said...

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