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Monday, September 5, 2011

The sound of music (minus the Trapp family)

Among my occasional obsessions is music... specifically, music from my younger, more avant-garde days. While I was in the Navy, and for a short period after it, I went to a lot of rock concerts. Usually stoned out of my mind. While at these concerts I would sometimes hear bands that I had never heard of before and be enthralled by their musical ability and innovation. I would then look for any albums they might have out when perusing the music section of my local "head shop", purchasing them whenever I found a familiar name.

Later, at my apartment, I would play the album and say to myself "What the heck was I thinking????" because it would be more noise than music. Not always, mind you, some of these obscure bands were pretty good but often enough to leave me with a bunch of albums of failed musicians. Many of which I still have... gathering dust in another room.

Recently, Faye (love of my life) has been scouring the internet for music to replace her old collection. She was heavily into Soul and R&B back in the day and had an extensive vinyl collection. Most of which ended up scratched and damaged from being played at parties where too many drunken hands were involved in choosing and playing the dance music. Of course, she mentioned what she was doing and it reminded me that I was going to digitize my album collection. Being a procrastinator I have successfully put that off for about 5 years now. Not a record but close, there are things that I have put off for decades

Rather than figure out how to get this turntable to work with Windows 7 (rather than Win98 which I had when I bought it) without having to install iTunes on my computer, I decided that I might be able to grab enough of the old songs to forestall ever attempting to rip (a technical term meaning "copy to computer from a CD or other source") that music from vinyl.

And, so, for the past few days (between golf games) I have been glued to my computer roaming the internet for various musicians and groups from mostly the 60's.

It's just another addiction. Each time I find an old group or song, it brings to mind other groups and other songs and then I have to (yes, "have to") find them and get copies. My collection of music now fleshes out to 15 Gig plus and is still growing. It ranges from the 1920's to current and from novelty music to Swing to Golden Oldies to Blues to Psychedelic Rock to Heavy Metal to classical (love that Bach) to country to jazz and some which seem to have no category.

There is no end to this madness.

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The Jules said...

Just remember your digital audio files are only as good as your needle!

Douglas4517 said...

Stylus, m'lad, stylus. I have some 8-tracks laying around, want `em?