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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Change starts with us

There are things that baffle me. Especially when it comes to politics. We allegedly vote in our own best interests first and then in our perception of what is in the best interests of the country. Oh, there are those that say that should be reversed; country first and then our self interests. But either way would work for me.

Yet that isn't what happens, is it? What happens is we vote for party first and then because of name recognition. Not all of us, of course, you and I don't do that, do we? We carefully examine all the issues, thoroughly research the candidates stands on said issues, and then carefully and methodically fill out the ballot, taking our time and double checking we voted as we wanted before leaving the booth and depositing the ballot in the box or tapping the confirm vote on the display. Not for us the slap it in and dash home method.

Sure we do.

I do take a little time to re-read my ballot after filling it in, it doesn't take all that long, but I do find myself voting along party lines. Usually because I am unsure of the candidate's stand or because I don't like any of the candidates' stands on the important (to me) issues. I mean, what's the point of registration with a party if you don't support it in those instances?

I know I should be more active politically and dig deeper before elections. I do try. And I am up on state and national issues. It's the local candidates that I am not up on. And I should be. they are the ones who will impact me the most. They are the ones who control the local taxes, spend that money, and help or hurt the town I have come to love.

I am going to get more involved, learn about the office holders, dig into local issues and try to attend county commission and city council meetings. And try not to fall asleep during them.

Because all politics really is local.

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