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Friday, September 23, 2011

And get hot dogs, tums, mouthwash, and pretzels

Since they have not yet decided to build that Sam's Club here in Paradise (the site has been cleared but nothing more done), I am forced to travel some distance to a town where there is one. I have a choice of several towns, all over 55 miles. The closest one (57.4 miles) takes as long to get to as the one I chose (at 70 miles). This is due to the number of traffic lights, speed limits, and so on. Both take about 1.5 hours. So I do not make this trip often. Any savings we might realize are lost in gas costs, of course. Still, it makes me feel good and the illusion of saving is strong.

It also takes up a goodly portion of my day. I figure 5 hours; 3 hours travel and two inside the store. Since I am retired, I haven't much to do on the days when I do not play golf and trips like these help waste a day.

The reason I choose the store I go to is the trip is usually uneventful (except for this one [Link]), the scenery is nice, and the roads are usually in good condition. This trip was uneventful and time passed easily as I listened to Van Morrison and then Jackson Browne on the stereo. A pleasant ride.

The highway is a two laner. That would one lane in each direction, in case you are wondering. Two lane highways can be dangerous. People need to pass to get around the slowpokes and that entails entering the oncoming lane. Speed control, timing, and a bit of nerve come into play. Remember the highway game "Chicken"? That is what passing on a two lane highway can be like.

I have had some close calls passing on such highways but not this time. As I said, this trip was pleasant and uneventful. And now we have enough paper towels, tuna fish, pretzels (these won't last but Sam's is the only place I can buy Utz pretzel rods around here), and sundry other items to last us a couple, maybe three, months.

And a new Blu-Ray player.

I hate shopping.... but I like these trips

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