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Friday, November 7, 2008

I need to improve this site's image(s)

Just testing how to place a picture in a blog entry... so I took an old picture I had and plugged it in. That was a much younger me (as you can tell by the beard color). It was taken with my (then future) wife upon my knee. They dressed me up like an old time gambler, Faye like a dance hall gal, and posed us nicely. Faye won't let me show you the rest of the picture. I think she looked pretty good as a dance hall gal.

I need to do some more playing with this so I understand how to place the pictures where I want them. It would be nice to do this with my Snippet of Life series.

For instance, below is an old picture of the school in Farmingdale. How much easier it would be to grasp the description of that school when there's a picture to guide you. Of course, that picture was taken many decades before I was a student there. They had added onto it. To the right, there was a an auditorium. In front, a grand old oak, majestic and broad. A circular walkway led up to the front steps from the sidewalk along Main St.

Yes, I think this site will definitely benefit from this. I've also added a couple of things on the sidebar. Dilbert, for those who love office wisdom and "Martha's Word". Martha sends me (and many others) an email each day that tells about a word. I find them interesting to fascinating. I am hoping you do also.


Anonymous said...

Yes, Douglas, now it's starting to look like a blog. I even followed this time. You're welcome over at my places any time.


Michael said...

Too many things on my sidebar bugs me. Other people's blogs have a lot of them, and they look alright. But for me, I'm not too comfortable accessorizing it too much.

I like Dilbert, read it in the paper every morning. Scuttlebutt!


Sal said...

Visited your blog from the help site, and I LOVE it! What a delightful journal you have here!
Best wishes,

Barry said...

A picture, as they say, is worth...well no need to go there.

You've already proven the point.

You look like a formidable gambler by the way!

Sal said...

Douglas, thanks for visiting me at my blog You mentioned that you needed a music player on your blog...I set up a blog which will help you here:
Don't worry, it's in lay mans terms, but it explains what you have to do to set up a simple music player on your blog. Any problems, theres an email link on my Perfect Life Blog, just drop me a line and I'll be happy to help. Have a great weekend!

Douglas said...

Barry, I know when to hold, know when to fold `em, know when to walk away, and definitely know when to run. What I don't know is how to win. Any suggestions?

Anonymous said...

Nice one Douglas, you are winning when there's no need to hold, fold, walk or run...