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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Frankly, I am considering emigration to Ecuador

Not that it would be any better there...

I am disgusted and angry. Not simply because I had a miserable day on the golf course Friday (which I did) but because I am appalled at people who think party loyalty is somehow intelligent. Who are willfully ignorant. Who refuse to even listen to the "other side." I am not simply talking about hard core Democrats but about hard core Republicans and hard core Libertarians and hard core any party or ideology you can think of.

A man yesterday started ranting about what he perceived the Republicans want to do. Most of which was wrong. He didn't want to acknowledge, or even hear about, what Democrats want to do, or are perceived to want to do. He didn't want to hear any opposing viewpoints. Nobody trusts any news source, it seems, but the ones who mostly (if not entirely) support their own ideology. This is why the Huffington Post has become some kind of legitimate news site instead of the Left Wing propaganda site it actually is.

On the other side, we have people who rely on Rush Limbaugh for news.

This is absolute insanity.

In 2000, I lived in "chad central"... West Palm Beach, FL. I thought I had seen the height of ignorance, political shenanigans, and propaganda in that election year. I was wrong. We now are so torn apart, so unwilling to listen or watch opposing viewpoints, so angry at each other over politics and class (read that as "rich vs poor") that we are destroying the country in the process.

I strongly believe I am witnessing the dismantling of a free country. And most of us seem be cheering it on as Romans once did the destruction of slaves, criminals, and Christians in the games.


Sightings said...

I read recently that about 25 percent of Americans support the Tea Party, and approx. 30 percent support Occupy Wall St.  The way I count it (altho' referencing your previous post, I doesn't claim too be to smart) that leaves 45 percent of us somewhere in the middle. Perhaps the 45 percent of us ought to be more vocal about it.

Douglas4517 said...

There was a blog, now defunct I think, called "The Raging Moderate".  But I don't think you will ever see any marching and demonstrations by the "silent majority". Nixon and Agnew tried to rouse them but they may as well be called the "sleeping majority".

By the way, I don't trust polls anymore. Too easy to manipulate them into showing the results the customer (the people sponsoring the poll) wants. And they are being used to convince people what they should think rather than to find out what they do think.