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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A total blank in black and white

Know what is scary? Seeing the clock showing 7:51 AM and having no idea what to post today. Yes, I've done it. I have failed to come up with a single notion to write about for today. Maybe, this being a new year and all, I should try posting short, pithy, blurbs on the human condition? No, I probably couldn't do that. I could but they would be pointless and dull.

Some of you might be thinking "`pointless and dull?' Isn't that what he posts all the time?" and, of course, you'd be right. It's what I do, what I have a special talent for.

But today is worse than ever. You see, yesterday the Encore Westerns channel had a Gunsmoke marathon. It played the oldest shows, back when it was a half hour show in monochrome. I think it stayed in black and white even after it went to an hour show.

I watched a lot of black and white TV. Still do. I like to guess at hair color while watching such shows. I either fooled myself or you could usually guess who was a dark blonde, a redhead, or whatever. I think there were a lot of redheads playing in those days. They show up better in B&W and the freckles don't show. Unless you saw them in person or in a color movie, you wouldn't know for sure. There weren't any glossy magazines like "People", even a lot of pictures in "Life" were in B&W.

There were a lot of B&W films then too. I guess color cost a lot more money. After awhile, we all thought life before the late 50's was pretty colorless. B&W came to define it. At least for me.

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