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Saturday, January 14, 2012

We owe how much?!!!!

The debt ceiling is in the news again as I write this. Seems like this happens in shorter and shorter intervals. Actually, it doesn't just seem like it, the intervals are shorter. You would think that would tell the pols that we (meaning the government) are spending way too much. And no one in Congress seems to have the guts to cut any of it. About the only thing they'll do is cut the amount of increase to the various budgets.

I have a solution to the problem. Limit all department and other budget increases to the official cost of living increase. Not the actual cost of living increase (the one we actually have to deal with) but the one the government claims it is. It won't reduce the debt but it will slow the increase.

The only problem with this solution is it wouldn't pass either the House or the Senate. And, President Obama would not sign it. He might even veto any legislation that included it. It would severely limit their (the pols) ability to loot the treasury and dole it out to their buddies.

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