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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Readin' and emails

The internet is a minefield of commercialism. If you buy something, anything, you will open yourself to "admail." That's my name for it; others may call it spam but, since it is voluntary (if you realize you could have opted out or can opt out at any time), I think it doesn't fit within the definition. To me, spam is unwanted email from anyone and anything. If you didn't opt out, you volunteered to get it. Quit complaining about it.

In any event, I bought a Nook Color e-reader sometime back and, when I registered it, I allowed them to pester me to buy books for it as well as notify me of updates, etc. I have even justified their ad campaign by purchasing two (count `em... 2) digital short stories ("Mile 81" by Stephen King and "Second Son" by Lee Child). So I do peruse these admails to see if they refer to anything I am actually interested in.

This one intrigued me. It advertised a child's book called "Underpants Thunderpants." Now, I was a child once... oh so many years ago... and a book title like that would have had me giggling immediately. And probably making noises with my armpit and then holding my nose.

Here, let me show you a blurb offered at their site...

"Underpants, thunderpants, look at them fly! Over the ocean, the jungle, and town - where will those undies come fluttering down?" When Dog leaves his underpants on the line during a thunderstorm, they take off on quite the adventure in this light-hearted book by Peter Bently.

The image this conjured up was akin to "Puss in Boots"... only it was "Bowser in Bloomers."

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