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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A peek at reality as I see it


First, we have a dire prediction that the Universe will come to a nasty end billions of years from now.

Subatomic calculations indicate finite lifespan for universe

This is an important step for physics geeks and groupies, it means nothing to the average person trying to get through the day or the week without losing his/her mind or his/her job and house and so on. 

To me, it's an interesting piece of trivia and nothing more.

A little closer to home we have a (actually, yet another) fallen hero charged with murdering his girlfriend.

Pistorius Denies Murdering Girlfriend

This is going to be one of the most interesting defense strategies ever conjured up, I think...

Mr. Pistorius said he and Ms. Steenkamp had gone to bed early on Wednesday night, but in the middle of the night he heard a noise from the bathroom and went to investigate on his stumps, not his artificial legs.

He was nervous, he said, because the bathroom window did not have burglar bars and contractors who had been working there had left ladders behind.

The room was dark, he said, and he did not realize that Ms. Steenkamp was not in bed. He felt vulnerable and fearful without his prosthetics and opened fire at the door, he said, calling to Ms. Steenkamp to telephone the police.

Only then did he realize that she was not in bed, he said. He put on his artificial legs and tried to kick down the door before breaking it open with a cricket bat to discover Ms. Steenkamp.

He carried her downstairs, he said, and “she died in my arms.”

An accidental shooting. In his mind, he was defending both himself and his girlfriend from an unknown intruder. Well, according to the defense's theory of what happened that night.

These two stories are related only in the confines of what passes for my consciousness. But that is what this blog is all about: my consciousness, my concept of the Universe, both in macro and micro views.

And these two, seemingly unrelated, stories rattle around in my head and collide with what could be called "sanity" in my reality.


Haddock said...

I hope they can sift out the truth.

Douglas said...

Nice blog, Haddock. I like it and nice to know about the Gorillapod.

Tom Sightings said...

Douglas ... Wait, are you making an argument for gun control?!?

(I know you're not. But if you were ... welcome to my side!)

Douglas said...

Tom, I'm not sure how you came up with that. Google "gun control laws south africa".

I will admit that I agree (somewhat) with Joe Biden. A shotgun (though I advocate a 16 or 20 gauge pump with no stock over a double-barreled 12 gauge) is probably the best for home protection.