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Monday, February 18, 2013

Where's my heavy coat?

As I write this (on Sunday), the weather gadget on my screen tells me the temperature is 46o. That may not sound bad to you folks north of, say, 35o latitude but for those of us here in Paradise it's downright cold! Therefore, I am freezing as I contemplate writing a letter of complaint to someone.

And I would write that letter if I could figure out who to write it to. No one is taking responsibility for this particular disaster (yes, to me and most people like me, it is a disaster). Yesterday, I was happily riding around in a golf cart contemplating how I was going to get out of the fix my last shot got me into and today I am huddled up close to what apparently is the warmest thing in the house (next to Faye): my computer.

I would write to the Florida Chamber of Commerce. But they would just throw the letter in the trash and possibly have me investigated. There's no point in writing to the state leaders in the capitol. Our state capitol is just a few miles south of the Georgia state line and gets snowed on just about ever winter. These people obviously don't care or they would have moved the capitol to Key West decades ago. Fools!

We do not handle cold well down here.


Joanne Noragon said...

Don't you have a wall unit in the bathroom. You could go in there and shut the door.

Douglas said...

No wall unit in the bathroom. When my family first moved down to Dade County, we had a wall unit in the living room that was supposed to heat the entire house. Suffice it to say... it didn't.

Paul E. Giroux said...

There is no mystery to solving the cold problem we get every once in awhile. Every so often we get a new influx of visitors from the northern states and Canada. They could be coming for the Florida State Fair, the Strawberry Festival, etc ....... what happens is they all get here on the same day and open their car trunks at the SAME TIME, thereby releasing the cold air that has been trapped since the beginning of their trip south.

Douglas said...

Paul, I like that theory!