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Friday, February 1, 2013

Winter Sucks

The expected high for today is 69, the low (which actually is tomorrow around 4 or 5 AM) is 42. It is what we call breezy (which means use thumbtacks to fix your hat to your head).
This is seen as "brutally cold" hereabouts.
People think we don't have seasons here in Florida. These are people who do not live here year round. Some who live here, but do not like it, say there are only two: summer and swelter. This is also untrue. I had a co-worker in Jacksonville who looked forward, eagerly, to the first cold fronts to move through. I thought he was nuts. If he wanted cold weather, there are plenty of places he could move to. I suggested Alaska, Wyoming, Montana, North (or even South) Dakota immediately. He claimed he didn't want to leave. I was just trying to be helpful.

But we do have seasons... primarily "hurricane" and "no hurricane" seasons. We also have tourist season each year, during the "no hurricane" season.

At one time, when tourist season ended, many motels and hotels shut down. I remember those days. Then some idiot decided it would be a great idea to attract tourists during the "hurricane" season. After all, families could come down in the summer and would not have to take the kids out of school. While I (when I reached my teens) appreciated the nubile young ladies who accompanied their parents and bratty little brothers and sisters, I did not appreciate the beach crowding, the traffic increases, and the idea that air conditioning should be set at 70 degrees F.

Those of us fully acclimated to south Florida do not like temperatures below 78.

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