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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Is this cheating?

The other day I read a blog post that triggered some memories.  It is called Only then can the fun begin. Written by a teacher, it entertains and informs; something blogs should strive to do I think.

The memories it dredged up involved homework assignments and how I avoided having to do the ones I disliked.

When I was a young student in junior high school, I hated English and liked math. And I despised homework. I have mentioned this before... in Let's Just Call This "Untitled"... I needed a way to satisfy the homework requirements that didn't involve actually doing it myself.

I found that some girls were more than willing to fudge the rules to help me out. I made deals with one girl who was in my math class and my English class. I would review and correct her math homework and, in return, she would provide me with the needed work for English. It worked out just fine. She even edited and prettied up a lengthy Shakespeare assignment for me.

I also entered into a more selfless arrangement in 10th grade. She would do our math homework assignment and give it to me in homeroom. I would copy and correct it and give it back. We both did quite well in math. She would use the homework to study for tests and I didn't need to study at the time.

So, as I asked in the title... Is this cheating?

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