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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Do you think it will hurt?

As I was struggling to think up a subject for a post for today, I came across this:

Saving the Earth from Asteroids

Since I am always interested in saving the Earth (though no one seems to like my proposed methods), I read the article. It reminds us of the pending close (very, very close) fly-by of an asteroid (designated DA 14) of medium size on Friday. This asteroid will actually pass closer to the Earth than all of the communications satellites orbiting the planet.

They tell us there is no threat from DA 14. I believe them. After all, what choice do I really have? I certainly cannot do anything about it and it's a little late to stock up on canned goods and MRE's to stock the underground bunker I never built.

When I was growing up during the Cold War, expecting nuclear oblivion at any moment, I had hoped my father would build an underground bunker. But he didn't seem all that concerned. He was a fatalist. Perhaps he thought he couldn't build one strong enough to survive a direct hit and, therefore, it would be a waste of time and money. After moving to Florida, there was no point in even trying to build an underground bunker since anything three feet below the surface would flood. Even if you could waterproof it sufficiently, the mold and fungi that would grow in it would have shortened the lifespan of anyone spending more than an hour or so in that bunker. We grow some pretty toxic mold down here.

And while reading the article, instead of being reassured, I started to wonder if they would tell us that we are about to experience an "extinction event" (aka "biotic crisis"). I decided they wouldn't. No, our trusted leaders would all simply go off the grid a couple of days before the event and leave us to cope with the devastation while they ate caviar and drank champagne and waited it out in taxpayer supplied bunkers.

They wouldn't miss us until after they crawled out of those bunkers looking for people to rebuild the world and to tax.


Joanne Noragon said...

See why you dad was a fatalist? The best way out.

Inspector Clouseau said...

So much in life is about choice. Much more in life is about chance.