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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Two Old Guys Get Together

One never knows. We blog, we form friends with other bloggers, and we often never meet them face to face. Yesterday I had the great privilege to meet Tom of "Sightings Over Sixty." He was in Florida, down at Ft Myers, and we had arranged to get together for a round of golf on his way up to Orlando.

Golf is our second common denominator, blogging our first. Being fairly new at being old is our third. What more do we need in common?

They paired us up with two slightly older gentlemen from Iowa... "northern Iowa", they mentioned a few times... Fair golfers, it turned out. One was also named Tom and the other was Cliff. They asked us about blogging and what we wrote about and we told them it would be about them this time. Only it isn't.

We had no bets on the game. I don't mind betting but it's best not to if you haven't seen how the other guy plays. Since, essentially, Tom and I were strangers and neither of us knew the other Tom or Cliff (though they knew each other), I didn't relish the idea of betting on the game. Whenever strangers meet on a golf course, they always seem to claim they have no talent or play "bogey golf" (shoot in the low 90's) until after the bets are made and then they get up on the tee and smack the ball 250 yards or more down the middle. So I am reluctant to make, or take, a bet.

We still all maintained we were not very good. But that proved not to be the case. At least, not so much. Tom (our blogger Tom, not Iowa Tom) did quite well for not being familiar with the course and shot a respectable 86. I shot a slightly more respectable 82 but Blogger Tom had two birdies to my none. And he could hit it farther than I. The boys from Iowa (northern Iowa, that is) hit the ball pretty well but the fast greens ate them up.

I think blogger Tom and I hit it off fairly well. It's a pity he doesn't move down here to Paradise. I could have him corrupted in no time.


Tom Sightings said...

It was great to meet you, and I enjoyed the round of golf, but ... you didn't look so old to me!

P. S. Thanks for giving me a few putts.

Douglas said...

I said we were "new at being old..."

And my lack of gray hair (on top of my head, not on my chin) fools people.

I enjoyed the round also. Hope we get a chance to do it again.