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Friday, February 15, 2013

Hearts and Bullets

As those of you sleeping on the couch because you forgot yesterday was Valentine's Day. A pretty much bogus holiday based on someone who would be completely unknown except for this day. And it could be any one of several Valentines (or derivations of such name), for that matter. We just do not know.

It may be that Valentines Day marks the anniversary of the death of one of these. That seems an odd day to celebrate to me. Especially when one thinks of the theme of the day... But perhaps they are linking it to "The Little Death"... which might make some sense.

One wonders if Viagra and Cialis sales spike on February 14th? But I digress...

Faye and I celebrated the day by going to a movie. No, not that kind of movie. We went to see "A Good Day to Die Hard" starring Bruce Willis. The lack of a desire to drag me to see "chick flicks" is one of the many reasons I married Faye. And not, as some surmise, the threatened decapitation of a much loved body part.

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