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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Sometimes I think I get too concerned

Perhaps this is one of those times. Yet, the more I learn about our position in space and the more I learn about the solar system in general, the more I wonder if Earth will survive (as we know it) long enough to be swallowed up by the sun when it becomes a red giant ( in about 5 billion years from now).

U.S. Scientists Seek to Prevent Another Meteor Explosion


Joe Pereira said...

A real cause for concern - I just hope the next impact happens far enough in the future for humanity to have the technology to avert disaster. Who knows?

Douglas said...

Joe, I think we have the technology to avert disaster now... if we can spot the threat far enough in advance. We can't just blow one up when it gets close but we can "nudge" into a path that negates the threat... but only if the object is far enough away.

Pearl said...

If it ain't one thing, it's another.



p.s. Yes -- the car with the "weeping" brake line was the "piece of sheet", as Maryna so sweetly phrased it. :-)