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Monday, February 4, 2013

And just what would I do with that extra energy?

I don't drink much of anything other than iced tea and green tea and coffee. Water is the pretty much it and that's only at the golf course... more so in summer than in winter. 

I drink only two cups of coffee (on rare occasions, I'll drink a third one) in the morning; most golf mornings, just one cup. 

I cut back to two cups many years ago when I realized I had a caffeine addiction of sorts. That is, too long without caffeine led to really nasty headaches. So I cut back.

But I read that these energy drinks are the Big Thing with teens and that they are causing problems. Visits to the emergency room type problems.

Enough of a problem to cause this column:

Treat Energy Drinks Like Drugs 

When I was a teen, the only legal stimulant was No-Doz (basically the caffeine in a cup of coffee in a little pill) but I believe I only took that one time. I was drinking plenty of coffee then and had sufficient youthful energy anyway. Later I discovered illegal stimulants and indulged in those from time to time.

I'm not sure why there is a problem with these energy drinks. They are basically a load of vitamins (primarily B-12) and caffeine. Apparently, they are causing a lot of irregular heartbeats and that is leading to an increase in ER visits.

I am puzzled. I often had insomnia as a teen and would rather have slept than been buzzing around.

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