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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Another Week I Didn't Like Much

North Korea is rattling nuclear sabers, the Obama administration is ignoring them and sending an anti-missile system to Guam (one wonders why it did not already have one?), Obama is going to take a "pay cut" of 5% of his salary (about $20,000) for the year 2013, he claims, SecDef Hagel will give up 2 weeks pay, and Biden is waiting for the sequester to impact his staff before he does anything.

The rest of us are already feeling the pinch and I think the Obama administration should unilaterally cut the administration's salary budget and eschew vacations this year. Hey, he's the one who thought up this game (sequestration), he ought to set an example.

On the social front, a judge has ordered that age should not be a criteria for buying the "Morning After Pill". The Obama administration had already mandated that anyone over 17 could buy the pills but a lawsuit resulted in the judge's ruling. So, if this holds up, potentially pregnant 14 year-olds will be able to take this post-coital contraception without having to tell mommy and/or daddy that she's been shagging her acne-laced boyfriend. A real step forward, eh?

NASA is planning a landing on a steroid in 2021. Cool. Or is it "rad?" I don't know. It's a good thing either way. We may really come to need that technology.

And yesterday we got some bad news about unemployment. Well, it was good and bad. It all depends on how it is spun.

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